Sandbox Smart R1


With electric heating, you can roast coffee at home while maintaining professional flavor.
Built-in profiles had been tested for many time to meet your fond. It is recommended to roast with 100g of green bean and you can choose with either light/medium or dark roast.

Advanced user are free to play in the manual mode, which, they can easily adjust the key parameters of roasting beans: firepower/fan and drum RPM, or even the setting for 1st crack or 2nd crack.



  • Model:Sandbox Smart R1
  • Product Dimensions:L25.5x H 26.0 x W23.0 cm
  • Batch Capacity:100g (0.22lbs)
  • Heating Method:Electric Heating
  • Voltage: 110V/220V
  • Power:600W
  • Drum Rotation: 30rpm
  • Drum material : 304 Food grade stainless steel
  • Product Weight:7 kg (15.5lbs)
  • Communication:Bluetooth

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