Indonesian supplier for coffee machine, coffee powder, beverage powder and accessories.

Formisa International is a leading distributor and manufacturer of specialty syrup, premix desserts and beverages for the food service industry. Formisa International come to be an Indonesian's company that feeding the world of food service with the international quality of ingredient, in creating a new wave of trends that fit people desire of quality beverage, that have impact in productivity and the enjoyment of human kind. Formisa establish since 5th october 2010.

Formisa started with purpose of feeding people. Base on this purpose, we start from what we have is a need of a local product that can be use in food service, then we transform the need to a dream of creating and manufacturing a local products that can be use in food service industry.

Formisa use, choose and process only the finest ingredients sourced and manufacture from around the world, delivering products that far exceed the market in taste and quality. Our research partner has developed delectable blends of specialty syrup, premix desserts and beverages that are simple to make and served as your own gourmet treats.

At the Formisa International our customers matter most, we are constantly researching and developing new flavors in efforts to provide the best tasting and highest quality products to our customers. We strive for the success and growth of our clients around the world.

Formisa main coverage is beverage including the everlasting ingredient such as real sugar, fruit extract, milk, chocolate and coffee in powder form or liquid form. With these everlasting ingredients, we try to make a new colour of taste and flavour that can brings benefit for retail customer or business owner.

Formisa have believed that if we want to be love, then we must love others as we love our self. This believe brings us to understanding that if we want to be love by our customer, we need to love our customer by giving them products that can fulfil their needs of taste and quality. Now we know we here for you.

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