Yellow Malt

Bevertiere Excelencia

Our local high quality syrup with pure sugar containe (Sugar Cane type R1). this type R1 is the highest grade of sugar cane in the market and also our sugar cane has been certified Halal by MUI. 

Malt flavor is one of flavor in flavor wheel of coffee.  from this idea we try to make dream come true that we can Yellow Malt  flavor in our cup of coffee. so we use Yellow Malt essensial oil to enrich our liquid sugar to make the feel of yellow malt in our mouth feel and Yellow Malt flavor to make yellow malt aroma for our nose feel. 

we waranty that this  Bevertiere Black Labels series  doesn't contain any kind of alcohol ingredients or in other word  zero alcohol containt. 

Our sugestion of receipe is :

Hot yellow malt Coffee late 

1 15 ml - 20 ml of bevertiere black label Yellow Malt

2 double shoot of espresso (60 ml - 90 ml)

3 150 ml - 200 ml steam milk 

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